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Die Verwandlung / Metamorphosis

Material used: Acrylic paint, Indian and Japanese inks, archival paper

These paintings are a symbolic allegory for transformation and regeneration, death and rebirth. The process itself was a creative exploration of Japanese Silk Screen printing process adapted on archival paper. I deliberately chose leaves as the subject upon which to build a theme.  Mundane and trivial in appearance yet magnanimous in their significance. Aptly, ‘Li – the dynamic pattern often seen in these paintings is, ’embodied in all things living, and in human relationships and in the human values’ – Ref: Science & Civilisation In China.

The painting process involves painting, erasing, masking, painting over another layer, masking, layers after layers for as long as it takes to achieve a satisfactory visual for the artist all the while adding finer details thus forming layers and textures that organically propel into visual narratives just like the fallen leaves from a tree would form on a pavement, season after season leaving trails of their existence.

An exotic fusion of Persian, Middle-Eastern, Japanese, Chinese and Western visual influences, this series is a work in progress.