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An Echo Of Chaos

Béa Kayani’s art is a portal for the viewer to let their imagination guide them whilst viewing a piece – to make it a part of their own chaotic order.   This series – ‘An Echo Of Chaos’ delivers unrepeatable spasms of fantastical colours and scenarios. A little bit like a Rorschach test and a little Alice In Wonderland – psychedelic vistas challenge the imagination as they take the viewer into a poignantly surreal world whilst Kayani keeps her grasp on the medium and the treatment of the subject realistic and cohesive.

The artwork depicts a whole new perspective on Nature and reveal various scenarios with a childlike curiosity.

     “Water thou, hast no taste, no colour, no odour, can not be defined, art relished, while ever mysterious. Not necessary  to  life but rather life itself, fills us with a gratification that exceeds the delight of the senses” 

  ~Antoine de Saint Exupery


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