Serié de Architexture

Hand painted Mono prints transformed into multimedia collage on laminated or toughened glass – presented as light box.

Béa Kayani playfully experiments colliding the architecture and textural elements within the central idea of Heraclitus’s thought – the unity of opposites in an attempt to explore the claim that things which seem to have a stable identity in fact depend on continuous interchange of their constitutive parts or their outright antagonistic forces for their identity. In other words, the Universal Flux and the Identity Of Opposites entail a denial of the Law Of Non-contradiction.

‘ You can’t step in the same river twice’. ~Hiraclitus

Theory & Inspiration:
Hiraclitus of Ephesis was a pre-Socrates philosopher who insisted on the ever present change in universe. He believed in the unity of opposites based on the formula ‘Logos – which is at work in everything to which we attribute temporal and spatial identity. The meaning of Logos is subject to interpretation: “word”,

“account”, principle”, “plan” , ”formula” , ”proportion” , ”measure”, “reckoning”.

According to Heraclitus:
1. Everything is constantly changing.
2. Opposite things are identical (so that)
3. Everything is and is not at the same time.

Hiraclitus compared existence to the flow of river.

In this series Kayani endeavours to compare existence to connecting dots challenging logos if considered as a measure, formula or proportion within architecture of our modern times. This entire series is created from the images of Eifel Tower. One subject matter yet objectively driven variation of depiction leading to an eccentric creation of art that deals with architecture, life and philosophy.

*Ref: Panta rhei – Everything Flows