In Loving Memory Of Our Forests

100 x 120 cm
Oil On Canvas

Nostalgia takes over as the ballerina who also represents earth, unable to speak, raises one arm in protest and to protect the ever so rapidly diminishing forests, the other arm in silent resignation of helplessness, wearing the tattoo “Save Amazon” on one of the ankles, dances to the tune of the earth song.

The colours used are joyful yet autumnal, representing the glory of the forests which will soon be a thing of past, if we don’t pause our destructive streak on our planet, possibly also representing a rebirth. The presence of the wall on the one side of the painting is subjective to the viewer’s interpretation. It could represent the much sought out support or the inner hurdles one must over come to bring about a positive change.

Commissioned by Eredi Pisano – NYC
Exhibited at Madison Avenue, NYC, USA, Dec 2011 – March 2012